Torre del Moro - Watchtower & Park

A Lookout with Stunning Views.

Torre del Moro


On the Cervera Cape, is the Cervera Cape Tower from Spain’s Moorish period. It is also known as Torre del Moro (Moorish Tower). It was first built in 14th AC to monitor the cost line to avoid potential pirate or Barber raids which were common in the past. Fires were lit on top of the towers like the Torre del Moro along the coast of Spain to warn of invading Arabs from northern Africa. The tower went throughout many changes in its history, and it has a base diameter of nine meters. This old watchtower is a replica and is a memory of past Torrevieja times.

The Torre del Moro is surrounded by 23,000 square meters of a park with picturesque views of Costa Blanca and out across the Mediterranean. If you look to the N-NW, you can see the Tabarca Island, and if you look towards S-SO, you will discover the nearby province of Murcia, the Mar Menor Sea and Isla Grosa island as reference points. On dry and windy days, the moisture disappears from the atmosphere and you can even see the windmills in the mountains La Union.

In the park, there are two small huts which are reconstructions of old townhouses. One of them houses a small outdoor cafe to sit and enjoy sun and views. It is called La Barraca, serving drinks, ice cream, and tapas. In the park, there is also a small kids playground. There are no toilets on site.

The opposite of the watch tower, there is the Nils Gäbel monument. Nils was the first forign resident of Torrevieja. In 1963 he arrived in Torrevieja Harbor with his family. They had sailed from Sweden and immediately fell in love with the harbor town and decided to settle here. He established the first Scandinavian community on the Costa Blanca.

Daytime, sunset and sunny days are best for visiting. Allocate 15 minutes to 1 hour for this excursion. Please find the map and directions below.



Mirador de la Torre del Moro, Torrevieja, Alicante, Spain. Get direction.



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