Jardín de las Naciones – Nations Garden Park

Jardin de Las Naciones


Nations Garden (Jardín de las Naciones) is a lovely peaceful park, despite being in quite close proximity to a busy road. It is one of the largest green areas in the city of Torrevieja at nearly 40,000 square meters. It is kept very clean and tidy and the plants and trees are very well taken care of. It has lots of water features and a lake that is in the shape of the European continent, with little bridges that you can walk over and around.

The variety of birds, including ducks and peacocks add to the peacefulness of the park. It is a fun place to visit during the day, you can pack a picnic and spend quite a bit of time there, having a nice walk around, maybe a shot on one of the rental boats and kids will love playing in the children’s play area, where they will find a giant dragon slide where they can slide down the dragons back. There are plenty of seating and shaded areas.

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Torre del Moro – Watchtower & Park

Torre del Moro


On the Cervera Cape, is the Cervera Cape Tower from Spain’s Moorish period. It is also known as Torre del Moro (Moorish Tower). It was first built in 14th AC to monitor the cost line to avoid potential pirate or Barber raids which were common in the past. Fires were lit on top of the towers like the Torre del Moro along the coast of Spain to warn of invading Arabs from northern Africa. The tower went throughout many changes in its history, and it has a base diameter of nine meters. This old watchtower is a replica and is a memory of past Torrevieja times.

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