Photos of Alicante Harbor & Explanada de España Promenade

One of the city’s emblems and one of the most popular areas in Alicante.

Alicante Marina


The heart and soul of Alicante is the grand La Explanada de España. Stretching around the Marina, this elegant boulevard with its red, black and cream tiles, all 6.6 million of them, refuses to be ignored. It is the most famous of all Alicante’s promenades and the most historic. It was the brain-child of the municipal architect José Guardiola Picó who, in 1867, created the ideal area to perfect the romantic Spanish custom of the Paseo (an evening stroll). With dramatic marble tiles depicting the waves of the Mediterranean and four rows of palm trees offering shade even in the heat of summer, it is a sight to behold!

Meander along the Explanada and you will discover the essence of the city, stalls selling local handicrafts jostle with pavement cafes, while locals are meeting up with friends for coffee mingle with tourists soaking up the atmosphere. During the summer months, while away your afternoon or Sunday morning sitting in the shade at the music pavilion where you can listen to the free concerts held there or during the city’s many fiestas immerse yourself in the party atmosphere that is often centred around La Explanada.


Photos from the Past


Alicante Harbor


Explanada de España Promenade



Harbor and Explanada de España, Alicante, Spain. Get direction


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