Flying with Iberia can be a real experience!

Inside Iberia Airplane

We booked an Iberia flight for 2 adults and 2 children from Alicante over Madrid back to Zurich to catch a flight with another airline from Zurich to Asia. We calculated a stopover in Zurich of 4 hours to make sure that there is enough time to check in and to catch the flight. We didn’t worry too much about the stopover in Madrid because the stopover was 1 hour 30 minutes with the same airline.

Leaving from Alicante, boarding was 30 minutes late, once boarded the plane left 30 minutes later so we started with a delay of one hour. Not such a big deal because there was still time to change flights in Madrid. We arrived in Madrid just in time to catch the next plane. But, unfortunately we could not leave the aircraft immediately because there was no bus to bring us to the terminal. We waited another 30 minutes in the plane for the airport shuttle bus to come.

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