The biggest market in Spain.

Mercadillo En Campo De Guardamar



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Distance from the Bungalow

10min by car


Opening Time & Days

Every Sunday from 9am to 2pm


Also known as “The Lemon Tree Market”, this open-air market operates every single Sunday from around 9am to 2pm

Wandering around the market you will find not only a whole lot of both lemons and oranges, but also plenty of other fresh fruits and vegetables, handicrafts and entertainment to keep you far from bored while there.

This is the perfect place to start out your morning while at the Costa Blanca and wander through the markets to grab a delicious breakfast and maybe find some trinkets and treasures to take back home with you. Things like garments, fun toys, fake handbags and wallets and even pets!

When you work up an appetite, there are plenty of options when it comes to authentic and delicious Spanish foods and drinks at nearly every corner.

A colorful, vibrant and welcoming market, being able to explore Mercadillo En Campo De Guardamar is also a great way to not only discover its many great treasures but also to meet and interact with some of the friendly locals in the area.

One of the best ways to learn about a region and its culture is to do just that and this market would be the perfect place for all of that and so much more!

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Nov 29, 2021 - Mon
Guardamar del Segura ES
Wind 9 m/s, NW
Pressure 763.57 mmHg
clear sky
Humidity 50%
Clouds -
Day Cond. Temp. Wind Humidity PressurePres.
mon nov 29
16°C /14°C 11 m/s, WNW 49% 763.57 mmHg
tue nov 30
16°C /13°C 5 m/s, WNW 55% 769.57 mmHg
wed dec 1
17°C /14°C 4 m/s, W 44% 764.32 mmHg
thu dec 2
15°C /11°C 10 m/s, NNW 43% 756.81 mmHg
fri dec 3
16°C /13°C 12 m/s, NW 44% 764.32 mmHg