Explore Costa Blanca's underwater world.

Scuba Diving & Snorkeling

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Distance from the Bungalow

Santa Pola & Playa Flamenca 20min by car



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Although lying on the beach and soaking up the sunshine and digging your toes in the warm sand will most likely take up a lot of your time while in Lomas de Polo-Pinomar, why not do something a little more adventurous that you are guaranteed to look back on for years to come?

The perfect example of this would be taking advantage of the incredible scuba diving and snorkeling opportunities in the area that are far from few and always available year-round. With teeming waters of abundant marine life, this is the time to explore a world you may have yet to discover.

Some of the best towns and places within the area that offer great courses to get you prepared for taking the plunge in the water include Santa Pola and Playa Flamenca, further away there is Benidorm, and Altea amongst several others.

Imagine heading out with a group of other adventurous travelers are waiting to be submerged into a world of underwater marvels and getting the chance to get up close and personal with colorful fish, beautiful coral and an array of other magnificent sea creatures.

This is sure to be an adventure you will create memories from and something you may find you want to pursue even further in future destinations!

Dive! Dive! Dive! Playa Flamenca

Website +34-668574838

Scuba World Playa Flamenca

Website +34-667057640

Dive Academy Santa Pola

Website +34-966699088


Dive! Dive! Dive! Playa Flamenca. Get direction / Scuba World Playa Flamenca. Get direction / Dive Academy Santa Pola. Get direction


Mar 25, 2019 - Mon
Santa Pola ES
Wind 2 m/s, WNW
Pressure 765.07 mmHg
clear sky
Humidity 43%
Clouds -
Day Cond. Temp. Wind Humidity PressurePres.
mon mar 25
22°C /6°C 3 m/s, SE 51% 765.19 mmHg
tue mar 26
17°C /9°C 7 m/s, ENE 57% 766.82 mmHg
wed mar 27
16°C /5°C 6 m/s, ENE 51% 770.29 mmHg
thu mar 28
15°C /15°C 12 m/s, ENE - 770.23 mmHg
fri mar 29
14°C /15°C 11 m/s, ENE - 768.34 mmHg
Mar 25, 2019 - Mon
Orihuela ES
Wind 1 m/s
Pressure 765.82 mmHg
clear sky
Humidity 75%
Clouds -
Day Cond. Temp. Wind Humidity PressurePres.
mon mar 25
23°C /6°C 2 m/s, ENE 52% 765.13 mmHg
tue mar 26
18°C /11°C 7 m/s, ENE 46% 766.16 mmHg
wed mar 27
17°C /6°C 6 m/s, ENE 42% 769.9 mmHg
thu mar 28
16°C /12°C 8 m/s, ENE - 769.96 mmHg
fri mar 29
14°C /13°C 6 m/s, ENE - 768.31 mmHg